Posted on: 7 December 2013

Scale drawing in pen and black ink of the Throne Pavilion from the Coronation Durbar complex at Delhi in 1911. The drawing is a cross section of the Throne Pavilion, with dimensions and details of materials used in the construction. Detail is also given of the decoration of the balustrade surrounding the pavilion and the carvings on the columns and dome. A scale for the drawing is given in the top left hand corner.

Company School
Made in: Lahore (Mayo School of Art)

Curator's comments:
This drawing comes from a collection of twelve drawings (1915,1126,0.1-12) prepared at the Mayo School of Art, Lahore. The drawings detail the main structures and decorations used in the Delhi Durbar of 1911. The 1911 Delhi Durbar was held to commemorate the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India. The Durbar was attended by both King George V and Queen Mary.

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