Posted on: 19 November 2013

A party of horse merchants from Cabool and Persia.

Gouache painting on paper of a group of horse merchants from Kabul and Persia. Twelve men are shown seated on a carpet and one man is shown standing. The standing figure to the left of the page holds a sword at his waist. Below this figure, seated and turned away from the main group of men, is a man reading a book. One man on the far right of the painting faces towards the standing figure, whilst the rest look forwards. Behind the group are trees. One figure in the lower right hand corner holds an axe.

Company School
Delhi Style
1850 (circa)

Inscription Comment:
The figures in the painting are also identified - some are illegible. Those that are legible are: Esmael Khan, Salim Khan and Muhammad Kaoli Khan.

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Thank you!

What beautifully elaborate turbans.

So beautifullll!Tks!

I have something similar on ivory;very nice.

One of the finest Company school painting in Gouach on paper, usually done in miniature oval Ivory

The Pataudis must be among the. They were descendants of horse traders from Afghanistan.