Posted on: 25 October 2013

An aerial view of the Taj Mahal and gardens.

Gouache painting on paper.
Mughal Style

© Trustees of the British Museum

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Is there any significant change in the design and concept of the garden in any time whatsoever?

The Charbagh was a garden design that the Mughals brought with them from their Uzbekistan times.

Interesting to see the boats on the river, too. I wish that there were more these days, to compliment the view from across the water. Here's one of mine:

Agra without the Taj Mahal - that too is a view which has been captured in lithographic print, in Alain Mallet's travels. See this link. Note the view to the right of the river. The Taj comes up later, on the river bend. The tree-lined road to Delhi, visible to the west top, from Agra fort ( see-> )

Ratnesh Mathur: Wow!

Yamuna seems to be misdirected!!