Posted on: 13 October 2013

Album of popular prints mounted on cloth pages. Colour lithograph, lettered, inscribed and numbered 28. The goddess Jagadhatri is seen complete with all her iconographical signs: her four hands display a conch, a discus, a shaft, and a bow. She is portrayed upon her lion mount; the lion is astride an elephant. The worship of Jagadhatri is popular in Bengal, and the myth that surrounds her bears similarities to that of Durga.

1895 (circa)
Printed in: Calcutta

© Trustees of the British Museum

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JAGADHATRI on Lion, Early Calcutta Chromo Lithographed at Bengal Art Studio, Muktaram Babu Street,Chorebagan Calcutta

Interesting that the lion has a nearly human face.

Very special Pew Simon! Bhalo theko, Shubho Bijoya!

So is Jagadhatri another form of Durga?