Posted on: 13 October 2013

Figure of Durga slaying the Buffalo-demon
Deccan Plateau
Late 9th century - early 10th century AD

© University of Oxford - Ashmolean Museum

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Hatred of certain animals and demonizing them makes them more vulnerable to being killed...

What we see is an abstraction. I see no reason why buffalo's would be more vulnerable because of the sculpture. Also, one only wishes we took these representations a little more seriously and give women the respect they deserve.

It symbolically represents a buffalo headed demon or more likely a tribal chief with a buffalo totem though historians discount the totem idea.

There is no hatred, it means be like Adi Shakti Durga(your will power)- and kill the monster inside you

The description of the photo is rather inaccurate... Would recommend consulting Hindus with good scriptural knowledge on the description to avoid misrepresentation.

மணி மு. மணிவண்ணன் iyya magishan enappadum erumai rajo matrum thamasa kunam kondu manam pona pokkil seyalpadakudiyathu

That for me is a symbolic representation of the victory of Queen Tomyris of Bactra/Bactria (Bharatha ?) on Cyrus (Kurush in persian) at his battle against the Massagas (Maha Sakhas/Sakyas ?). Kurush followed zorastrian religion of Ahura Mazda (Asura Mahisha ?). OR could be an abstraction of killing the monsters inside self?..who knows... Either way no harm done to animals...eEspecially of the bovine genus :).