Posted on: 13 September 2013

New Book:
A MARATHI SAGA - Yashodabai Joshi
Translated By V.K.Bhide
Published by Lotus Roli, Delhi - 2005

'The summit is near and my legs are heavy with fatigue.' So Lady Yashodabai Joshi told her daughter Manikabai Bhide on her deathbed in 1948. She little realised that the journey she had taken would become a classic Marathi narrative, published by her daughter, her amanuensis, who was prevailed upon to disregard the author's wish that the account be kept only for private circulation. The classic Marathi narrative is now retold by her grandson in English, fifty-five years after Yashodabai Joshi passed away. Here is a story that spans eighty years of the rise and fall of the Raj. Its pages stir with the first feelings of Indian national pride and brim with the ardour of one who was labelled a 'reformer'. A Marathi Saga: The Story of Sir Moropant and Lady Yashodabai Joshi is a fascinating and a rare autobiography; it is history as told by an eyewitness.

Lady Yashodabai Joshi was the grand dame of her family and woman far ahead of her times. Not only was she literate, she also knew English, an achievement in the nineteenth century. She took the lead in work for the uplift of women, was resolute in her open secularism and courageously disdainful of caste barriers. She died at the age of eighty-one, on the morrow of Independence.

Vijay Kumar Bhide, who has translated the story, is her grandson. He retired from the Indian Army as a general after a career that saw active service in Burma and Sumatra during World War II. Now eighty-one years old, he lives in Pune.

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Thanks to Akshay Chavan for suggesting this book.

A book worth our time...getting this from Amazon

A quote from Mary Poppins would be appropriate "Our daughter's daughters will adore us, and sing in grateful chorus, Well done! Sister Suffragette!"