Posted on: 9 August 2013

A square stamp-seal with rounded edges showing a unicorn standing before a device and above a one-line inscription in six characters.
Made of stone (steatite).
Indus Civilisation

© Trustees of the British Museum

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The motif of the Unicorn was later absent from the cultural traditions of the subcontinent.

This is the sacred bull..i wonder how it can b a unicorn with sucha bulky body n muscular torso...a unicorn is a lean creature

I think it's the bull with horns lined up to look like one in profile.

99% thats a bull not a unicorn. unicorn came couple of thousand years later with when "bible" comes into exsistence.

The Bull Cult was huge at this time. Shiva's Steed.

The bull used in cart and cultivation.

u guys are confused the bull seal is different have a look at this page ,but i agree this creature is not a unicorn but some other creature ..§ion=history/indus&frame=story


Unicorn in indus????? A rhino is more like it.

Yes a bull

dear very proudly to say,we are owner of 2500BC old civilisation,Indus or Moen jo daro means mount of dead,our civilizatin more richer,ancient then civilization of Eggpt,greece and,babul.

I believe that the writing has not been deciphered.

This animal seems to be extinct.Because most of the images of Harappa seals were said to be images of real things.

It seems to be a bull, not a unicorn...