Posted on: 2 August 2013

Wedding procession of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah
Golconda, c. 1650

This scene of a wedding party travelling by night depicts Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah of Golconda (r.1580-1612) bringing home his bride, the beautiful Hindu dancing-girl Bhagmati. Himself a Shia Muslim, Muhammad Quli had fallen in love with Bhagmati as a young prince. He would often ride out to visit her village, fording the sometimes dangerous Musi river to do so.

© University of Oxford - Ashmolean Museum

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Exquisite ...

... this is the time during mughal raj in india .. when many mughal kings had hindus as their wives .. but i suppose none of them became muslim .. i think the religious (hindu – muslim) orientation or ethnic ism during that time was not that grave as it is today …

This is one reasin that Hindus got their daughters married off very early during this mogul era.

Muslim invaders and occupiers were MALE and came to the subcontinent without WOMEN... every South Asian Muslim has a Hindu or Buddhist or adivasi MOTHER. Be Proud of that.. it is a FACT not a belief, so be Proud and Humble..both Hindus and Muslims, ok. Truth is always inconvenient and disturbing...

Please enjoy this nice composition of deccani painting

No matter what religion you are…the painting is beautiful…!

Ishq na deke Jaat kujaat , neend na dekhe tuti khat,aur bhuk na deke suko baath !!!!