Posted on: 11 July 2013

Royal Insignia of Vijayanagar - The Boar, Sun, Moon and Dagger.

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Boar is the royal insignia. Sun and moon depicts 'for ever' ('as long as the sun and moon shines'). This carving is in the Virupakasha Temple.

We had posted the Chalukyan royal emblem earlier and had erroneously described it as the royal Vijayanagara insignia. This post now sets the record straight.

@ Gouri Satya ... any specific reason why the 'Boar' (Baraha) was adopted as the royal insignia by the kingdom of Vijayanagara ?

@arijit...check my post in d previus pic.u wil get d info.

RBSI...dis is d corect emblem..d erlier one in pink brick belonged to chalukyan era..albeit,both dynasties had d same symbol wit difrent versions..

'Varaha' is one of the 'Avatharas' (incarnations) of Vishnu.

beside of all things , the composition of sun, moon, boar and dagger is very very interesting .

excellent symbol of Vijayanagara