Posted on: 10 July 2013

A figure in bronze of the goddess Pārvatī.
1550 (circa)
Height: 58 centimetres

© Trustees of the British Museum

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neck is not even tilted, how can it be tribhanga?

this is tribhanga:

It is funny how they claim 'tribhanga' and show only head and neck, essentially. And yes, how can it be tribhanga with head and neck upright?

The erroneous description has been corrected.

the pic above which i posted is classic tribhanga, maybe there are other poses also, not so well defined, coming under tribhanga. anyone knows?

Beautiful! ♥

I doubt there are other poses - consider the etymology of tribhanga..

wow nice

Beautiful bronze..

Agree with you Deepa Krishnan. This is not Tribhanga posture.