Posted on: 9 July 2013


“The city is such that the pupil of the eye has never seen a place like it, and ear of intelligence has never been informed that existed anything to equal it in the World.”
- Abdul Razaak, 1443

Vijayanagara, the “City of Victory,” was the greatest of all Hindu capitals of South India. Its impressive ruins in central Karnataka are known best as Hampi, after the name of a still populated local village. Since 1980 an international group of researchers has been documenting and interpreting the remains of Vijayanagara. The following pages describe Vijayanagara Research Project's (VRP) investigations and interpretations, while also offering essential background information on the history of the city and the empire of which it was the capital, the urban layout of the site, and the variety of its military, ceremonial, civic and religious architecture.

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Beautiful. Meticulously planned . Amazing

Lord Tiruvengalanatha - Achyuta Raya Temple : circa 1534.

Fantastic website. Great research. Thank you.


VRP is doing an excellent job in documenting Hampi and revealing more about that historic place.

Vifapoer, Viziapoer, Visapoer,Vijapour , Mercator/Hondius Maps c1595 shows, only Dabul and Onor ports

History needs to be rewritten from a people perspective rather than a King's. Similarly, current reporting should focus not on political leaders, but the effect they have on the people.

Real estate sharks and greedy politicians are demolishing UNESCO world heritage. Is there anything left for research?

Glory ............ that is fading fast !

I wonder why such a beautiful city was destroyed and not occupied.

Excellent,Great efforts to reveal the glory of the Vijayanagar empire. Thanks RBSI for posting.

it is a mesmerizing place ....

Beautiful Architecture......

Vijaya Vittala temple ?