Posted on: 3 July 2013

Digital Rare Book:
India Illustrated with Pen and Pencil
By William Urwick and Edward Payson Thwing
Published by Hurst & Company, New York - 1891

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Terrific upload

Fabulous. However, the cover (above) is absolutely unimaginative and drab. Totally opposite to what is there inside the book!

It's a good job we're not all alike, isn't it? I think the cover is wonderful!!!

I own the 1891 first edition but strangely the cover print is silver instead of golden.

Yes, silver cover in my edition too. The book's title is misleading. The Reverend from America has written an average travelogue using pen & pencil but the illustrations in the book, are not his & not commissioned by him for the book. Its a cut n paste job - illustrations are borrowed from Fergusson, Rousselet, Forbes etc. , without citing the source. Printed in large quantities for the American public, the "Illustrated with pen & Paper" advertising worked very well. You can still buy its 1st edition off ebay for $ 20 or under. A precursor to the days of paperbacks & pulp fiction, in the history of print ...

Excellent review Ratnesh Mathur! Thanks.

American missionary writings from India, started with the Methodist church's William Butler ( From Bareilly to Boston & back; The land of the Veda etc). Those were popular writings & had great insights through years of experience in living & preaching in India. In comparison, Rev Urquell's work is pulp non-fiction ...

I guess we should stop with having a look at the Pencil sketches. Some of the descriptions accompanying the sketches reflect the authors' poor knowledge about India's heritage.

The image on the cover is of Baba Atal Gurdwara in Amritsar. :)

i love my india