Posted on: 1 July 2013

Pounding rice - 1895

Photograph of a group of Kashmiri women in the modern-day state of Jammu and Kashir in India, taken by an unknown photographer in the 1890s. The two standing women are pounding rice with wooden poles in a vessel. The older woman squatting on the left is separating grains of rice while the young girl standing behind her shows a good back view of a traditional female Kashmiri hairstyle.

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That is wonderful. Thank you again!

i wonder how they must be cleaning their hair wth such style?

Still practiced to this date in India.

Amazing hair!

How come Kashmir girls looks dark skinned instead go Fair skinned

"A photograph hardly does justice to native beauty; the fair olive complexion comes out much darker than it appears to the eye, on account of its being a partially non-actinic colour." ~ British photographer Samuel Bourne in Narrative of a photographic trip to Kashmir (Cashmere) and adjacent territories (1867).

look at that hair!!

My grandmother pounded cottonseeds in exactly the same way....

omg hair ....