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Journal of a tour through part of the snowy range of the Himala Mountains, and to the sources of the rivers Jumna and Ganges
By James Baillie Fraser
Printed for Rodwell and Martin, London - 1820

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This coloured aquatint was made by Robert Havell and Son from plate 19 of JB Fraser's 'Views in the Himala Mountains'. Now little more than a hamlet, BHAIRONGHATI lies about 10 kilometres from Gangotri. It is set in a thickly forested region near the river Jahnavi, a tributary of the Bhagirathi (the Ganges at its origin).

Arriving here on 19 July 1815, James wrote: "A very singular and terrible place. The course of the river has continued foaming through its narrow rocky bed and the hills approach their heads, as though they could meet at a prodigious height above. At this point the Bhagiruttee is divided into two branches; that which preserves the name descends from the eastward, and the other, of a size fully equal, called the Jhannevie, joins it from the north-east. Both these rivers run in chasms, the depth, narrowness and rugged wildness of which it is impossible to describe."

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