Posted on: 30 May 2013

New Book:
Myth of Aryan Invasion in India
By David Frawley

The Aryan invasion theory denies the Indian origin of predominant culture, but gives the credit for Indian culture to invaders from elsewhere. It even teaches that some of the most revered books of hindu scripture are not actually Indian, and it devalues India’s culture by portraying it as less ancient than it actually is.David Frawley, goes to the roots of this theory promoted by Max Muller in 1848 and proves it wrong.

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Thank you so much for the book!

I read this book back in 1995 with the late Dr. Joseph O'Connell.

Thats an amazing treasure. Thanks a lot. Its really rare.

Indeed, thank you for all you share.

Thank you for posting this text, which I am currently reading. I must firstly say that the identification of the Mitanni (Hurrians) and Kassites as speaking an "Indo-European" language is dubious. He is right about the Hittites (their language, called Neshili, is the earliest IE language yet identified and is first attested in Anatolia c. 1900) but the languages of the other two peoples have not been fully identified. I suppose the question boils down to this: when/how did Sanskrit appear in India, and what is its relationship to the Iranian and other so-called "Indo-European" languages? (And how is it related to the IVC script?)

Read Aurobindo's secret of the Vedas ..that should be taught in the history books in India.

What are the academic qualifications of Dr. Frawley to write on this subject and " prove it wrong. "?

Awesome share! Could you please provide another download link? Am just unable to download from scribd! :-( Thanks in advance.

I don't think academic qualifications are essential as long as the book makes sense. They are one of the factors though. But again, a book cannot be dismissed just on the academic qualifications of the author, its content should be the primary measure to judge it by.

Very interesting

According to these propaganda series the whites are the original Americans living there since unknown times. The present American culture and its society were existed there centuries. The Red Indians are the Shura, untouchable and semi-human beings. Such type of books by a few European writers have very indirectly created more sense of deprivation among the 40% population of India. Naxalites are the products of this misleading theory that the European writers preached candidly.

No doubt. Remarkable true.

Let us examine carefully ...slowly and gradually appropriations may find the way...

Dear India, Please try to make the politics in your "academic" history a little less obvious. Thank you. -the modern world

David Frawley and a host of other folks have been shouting from the rooftops about the weaknesses of the well entrenched myth of Aryan Invasion. Even our own political leaders propogate this myth. It is about time a university established a focused program and initiated research to put this myth to bed.

I Hope they will accept presence f saraswati river soon and 'sindhu' culture will b named as 'saraswati' culture.

Not sure.

Where the hell did you get that theory from? Quite amusing.

It sure is a myth. Dearest Aljai just hink you must have heard the word Agra. Connected to Taj etc etc. What if I said please read Agra as Arya Graha Meaning the Home of the Aryans. Of course the European like Max muller had to prove that the whites were most superior & hence colonised India but they cannot claim that Sanskrit, does not belong to Persians,or Germania. The Persians & Germans may lay claim but it remains hallow.

Give it a thought, We hear that all the greatest Civilization always came up on a River bank but some how nobody mentioned the Aryans Civilization starting on the Banks of River Yumuna.

What about the discovery's program (exactly i dont remember when it was aired) which claims that ONE OF THE OLDEST GENE among all human races comes from the south indian coastal region...? As they ran huge project to trace out oldest cultural human gene. First one was from africa and second oldest was from south indian coast. Well I believe science is more evident than those hypothetical books which are just reconsideration of hypothetical, twisted and at times false presumptions.

Sahid Khan, this is for you, on behalf of Janardan Sabat, Chitrasen Parida .....

I hope the RBSI would stick to rare books in future and not promote irrelevant stuff.

So what if our ancestors lived in a different geographical area b4 coming to present-day India ? In fact the whole land mass broke off fromAfrica and joined Asia during the continental shift ... So does that make us African, Asian, Indian or just "Indians without borders" ?

Good morning! Tell please, do you have this book in the PDF format?

Andrey Vasilenko The Page Admin/Manager is gracious enough to always provide a book in the pdf format, if available. Some are only for reading online. Others are for sale. If no links for the freebies are given, means none is available.

If there were any, link would have been given.

Unfortunately, various biographical particulars, numbers of accounts demand, просьбя demand to dispatch mail from my name, etc. there.

A well researched work, without biases and pre-disposition, stands the test of time and establishes the author's credibility.

Same to you

i am also curious now. i will check it out.

Oldest civilisation of indian subcontinent is of Harrapa and Mohinjadro and proved by its avshesh....based on equal welldesigned homes and city indicating equality...lack of wars and shilp kala at its top.....Aryan civilisation was based on inequality nothing jis te man kita jaye kyonki in any civilisation humanity as such should grow and its values stopped 75% people growth

This was portrayed in award winning documentarist, Michael Woods "India"...

Dear Mr. Natural, It will take aeons to remove the bias and untruths so deeply sowed in the "history" written by Western 'scholars' for centuries... Thanks to Edward Said, that trend has come to be fully recognized and acknowledged. Now we have the mammoth task of writing history without such bias. Thank you for aiding this project.