Posted on: 27 May 2013

Painting; watercolour, a caravan with camels resting at an oasis in the dessert, Patna, ca. 1850.

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I simply love the colours!

I think it's supposed to be a Hajj scene. hence the Arab and the Ottoman dresses of the sujects

so nice painting

Looks like an early ad of - Camel Cigarettes - Turkish tobacco (mixed with camel-dung), smoked in the sands, from Istanbul to Texas. The old word in english for camel was "olefant" - a reference to both camels & elephants, the great creatures of far-away lands. So many arab proverbs about the camel ( ship of the desert !). Some've moved into english too ( eg. The straw that broke the camel's back). And then we have a few Indian camel proverbs too - Oont ke muh mein zeera - A cumin seed in the camel's mouth , anyone ?

Very good!

Oh, wow!

Great pic

What is the Patna connection?