Posted on: 27 May 2013

Carte De Visite, Illustrations of Anglo Indian Life, Camel Rider, India, 19th century.

"Camel Sowar or Camel Rider"
"Employed for the conveyance of letters and over long distances. The speed, endurance and general utility of the camel are proverbial. Wages Rs. 6- Rs. 8 per month".

The descriptive caption written on the back of the Carte de Visite is part of a series highlighting 'Illustrations of Anglo-Indian Life', published ca. 1860 by J.L. Lyell in Musoorie and Allahabad, India.

Historical context note:
Between 1860-1900 numerous photographs were taken, predominantly by the middle to upper classes of Victorian society, to record family portraits and scenes of every day life. The photographs were mounted on small cards measuring approximately 2.5 x 4 inches, to compliment the size of visiting cards, and became known as Cartes de Visite. Today these Cartes de Visite provide a good record of the clothing worn during the colonial period in India and the varied occupations of native people.

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