Posted on: 26 May 2013

Digital Rare Book:
The CAMEL - Its uses and management
By Major Arthur Glyn Leonard
Published by Longmans, Green & Co., London - 1894

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This is a lithograph of plate 20 from Emily Eden's 'Portraits of the Princes and People of India' (1844). Eden wrote: "This is a class of attendants on Indian Camps, whose services are of great value in carrying intelligence and dispatches. They will ride on their camels fifty and sixty miles a day in any emergency."

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wow !! I was listening to Ravindra Sharma jee of KalaAshram about the loss of 'mahavat-shastra' thats suppose to be about everything that has to do with elephants... and Komal Kothari also mentions about the camel riders and knowledge system in managing herds of hundreds of camels ....

That's wonderful. the camel doesn't look as tho he intends moving, and the rider appears to think he's found a seat to sit on. Odd.

Mahavat is the sanskrit word for Mahout.

They are Emily Eden's props... : )

Que susto cuando se paré

probably just before the camel got up to start moving. more likely just posing for the painting like the English nobles of yore