Posted on: 24 May 2013

New Book:
Vimana aircraft of ancient India & Atlantis
By David Hatcher Childress
Published by Adventures Unlimited Press, 1991

Did the ancients have the power of flight? A reading of ancient Indian texts, Ramayana and Mahabharata are used to prove that aircraft were in use more than four thousand years ago.

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...since we are examining this topic.

fantasies are the best!!

Yes!Today is Lord Narasimhadevs appearance..When he shook his head,airplanes where thrown into outerspace..Srimad Bhagavatam is vedic history..Canto 7..


Yashendra Shukla read this..

It is very much like flying saucer. It sure not vaccume airlift technology..I think something more nuclear based.

Ursula Roma there is a theme to the news today.

I have read articles by Childress but never read the book. Thanks for the link.

Hmm... Why is there no oil or coal in Punjab-U.P-Bihar? It was used up more than four thousand years ago sending civilization back to the ox and cart. Will history repeat itself?

There is coal in Bihar Sir. If you include Jharkhand

Hari Krsna

Yes pushpAka

An Qamar here wreaks of on purpose ignorance please do your homework research with an open mind for about 10 years then talk about something as this connected to Vedic History or Mythology as people refer to it unknowingly .The Oil or coal is now connected in any ways with the 4000 years ago history i mentioned earlier in this comment you will get your answers in reading such books and various other ones from renowned historians and scholars of India and abroad to begin with.

Jeffrey for you it might be as you want it to be not for us.

Karan Vir, I may need to take your advice that I read for 10 years so that I can make sense of what you wrote. :D Can you name some of the books you've read for 10+ years to post what you wrote above? Anyway, did the ancients have the power of flight, as per rbsi's introductory post? I do hope you will expand on your deep thoughts, since it’s obvious that you have studied this topic deeply. Thank you again for your response.

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Vishal Seth