Posted on: 9 May 2013

Shivaite yogi and a woman under a banyan tree. Chromolithograph.
Published: Chitrashala Press, Poona.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London

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I don't think its just Shivaite Yogi, but It looks like pisode of Bhasmasur where he tries to burn Shiva and then Lord Vishnu came to his rescue and with Mohini incarnation he ask Bhasmasur to dance with him and later he got himself burned to the ashes!

Why should only "Banias" caste have a tree named after them ? Just like we rechristen roads, we need to have trees rechristened (re-rama-ed/re-krishna-ed/re-shiva-ed/renamed) for the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas & the Sudras too, for our social order.

yes ajay is right

@Ajay Salunkhe - This is Vishwamitra with Menaka.

@Ratnesh Mathur - the name BaniyanTree has nothing to do with BANIYA, It is Latin Name: Ficus benghalensis, and other Common Names: Banian, strangler fig, Bengal fig, Indian fig, East Indian fig, it called to be BANIYAN becauseof the knots... sumlar to the banyans people get in their toes.