Posted on: 6 May 2013

'Sword and other exercises'
One of eleven paintings depicting schools.

Varanasi, India
Gouache on mica

Copyright: © V&A Images

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points to be observed: - there are two distinct skin colors being shown. this, in the indian context, probably indicates an ethnic difference. - both the ethnicities are combat training in an intermingled manner - thus indicating a non-segregated approach in the martial arts training center.

Pankaj Sapkal you mean ethnicity based on caste or region? Its unlikely to be caste because of the hair and the beads worn by both dark and light skinned combatants

If looked carefully not all have a shaved head nor all wear beads. So I think it can be assumed there is NO caste based segregation as well.

to exercise we don't need shoes, track suit, simple lion cloth ....that is called Manpower