Posted on: 6 May 2013

'Native Hindu school exhibiting native punishments'

A Hindu school; some students being punished by being trussed up.

Varanasi, India


Gouache on mica

Copyright: © V&A Images

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Do you have any information about how was it made? How the mica sheets was prepared ?

Conservation of Indian Mica Paintings Mike Wheeler Senior Paper Conservator, Paper Conservation, V&A

Poor guy on the ground at the right he looks like he's going to roll away!

A lot of these were still being employed by teachers in our village school a few decades ago and are perhaps still in use. :-). Actually I quite enjoyed the bottom right one. At that age, it didn't feel like a punishment. And there were other punishments not documented in this picture. It was not for nothing that the teacher has a "green cane" in his hand. :-)

I have been beaten by a cane 2-3 times in school. It hurts when its happening but on hindsight, it was fun ;)

Punishments in Christian/Missionary schools were no less severe apart from caning, guys were made to run around in the sun with a heavy bag of books on their shoulders. But it made us out to be men unlike the sissies being churned out now where kids are turning out to be monsters. Recall the true adage: "Spare the rod and spoil the child"

:/ lol

Things hav'nt changed much,but i think for the worst!