Posted on: 28 April 2013

Ashoka Pillar in Allahabad - 1858

Photograph of the Ashoka Pillar in Allahabad from 'Murray Collection: Views in Delhi, Cawnpore, Allahabad and Benares' taken by Dr. John Murray in 1858 after the Uprising of 1857. Allahabad's location at the junction of the Ganges and Jumna river in central India, provided the setting for a stronghold for Mughal Emperor Akbar (r.1556-1605) and the scene for Lord Canning's Durbar of 1858. The Ashoka Pillar extends 10.7 m in height and is made of polished stone. Dating from 242 BC it is inscripted with Ashoka's edicts. The pillar is located in front of the gateway to the Allahabad Fort.

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great one.

It is now inside the fort. Recently I was in Allahabad and saw and photographed it.