Posted on: 23 April 2013

Distant view of the Palace at Bangalore from the grounds - 1890

Photograph of the Maharaja’s Palace at Bangalore, Karnataka from the Lee-Warner Collection: 'Souvenirs of Kolhapur. Installation of H.H. the Maharajah, 1894'. The Maharaja’s Palace at Bangalore, Karnataka was built in c. 865 and modified from 1881 onwards at huge cost. It was originally built for a local British merchant, Mr. Garrat but was taken over and extended for use by the Maharaja of Mysore. The outline of the palace with its fortified towers and turreted parapets is reminiscent of Windsor Castle, England upon which the palace at Bangalore was based. The palace stands in a large formal garden and covers an area of 13,7000 square metres.

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