Posted on: 13 April 2013

Five Hindu sects: Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Brahma and the Mother Goddess - 1774

Gentil; Manuscripts, Col J B J Gentil, Faizabad, ca. 1774. Page number 38 (Gentil numbered two successive pages '22'). Five Hindu cults.

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It seems there is an error in naming the major sects. The five major sects were: Shaiva (followers of Shiva), Vaishnav (followers of Vishnu), Saur (followers of Soorya, the Sun God), Soma (followers of Soma, the moon God), and shaakt (followers of Shakti, the Mother Goddess). Brahma fell from grace because of his amorous pursuit of his own daughter, Saraswati. That is why there are so very fe Brahma temples in India.