Posted on: 12 April 2013

Rites and Beliefs of the Hindus - 1774

Gentil; Manuscripts, Col J B J Gentil, Faizabad, ca. 1774. Page number 41 (Gentil numbered two successive pages '22'). Hindu customs for various phases of life.

Hindu customs for the various phases of life; birth, naming-ceremony, child receiving instructions, child being measured,; marriage negotiations, the ceremony and return to the house; espousal, marriage and death customs, including sati.

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A marvel!

what a nice chart


Beautiful illustrations of Hindu ceremonial life, costumes and social gatherings during festivals in Ayodhya in late 18th century north India.

can anybody tell.. Was sati part of samskara ? As far as concerned. Samskara re basically meant for grhiyastha ashram. I.e 2 nd ashram.

To become a Sati on death of husband was a great honor for Hindu women, they did it willingly, few were forced. On death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh nearly twenty wives and concubines became Sati, read Thirtyfive Years in the East by J.M.Honigberger,Physician in the Court of Ranjit Singh, 1852

Sati was not a part of samskara. Circumstances following foreign army invasions resulted in sati practice.

Hello Ms. Detha. If one defines 'samskara' as the set of bodily sacraments as prescribed by the Shastras, the Dharmashastras - also known as Smritis - of the earliest times (400 BC to 100 AD) do not contain references to the practice of Sati. Neither does the Manusmriti, the progenitor of other smritis. But, smritis from then on do carry hints of the practice. Vishnusmriti, Angirassmriti and Parasarasmriti are a few examples. Please consult chapter 4 of Alteker's 'The Position of Women in Hindu Civilization' for a detailed discussion. The type of Sati denoted here is the Anumarana, where the widow is burned separately, which was done if she was menstruating or pregnant at the time of her husband's death. Incidentally, Bana Datta, who's work has been posted on RBSI just below, is credited to be the most vehement opponent of this custom.

Amazing !!

can we get high resolution image ??