Posted on: 12 March 2013

Tomb of Mowlana Zarzari Zarbuksh, Rauza - 1890

Close view of tomb of Zar Zari Baksh from the inner courtyard, from the Curzon Collection: 'Views of Caves of Ellora and Dowlatabad Fort in H.H. the Nizam's Dominions' taken by Deen Dayal in the 1890s. Rauza or Khuldabad, meaning ‘Heavenly Abode’ is an old walled town in Maharashtra famous for its onion-domed tombs. The town is of religious significance to Muslims as the Emperor Aurangzeb (r.1658-1707) is interred here, together with other members of his dynasty and several Muslim saints. Zar Zari Bakhah’s tomb contains many relics including a circular steel mirror on a pedestal presented by Tana Shah of Golconda.

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