Posted on: 17 February 2013

On November 25, 1800, Krishna Pal, a thirty-six year old Indian carpenter, had dislocated his arm, and Dr. John Thomas, the first missionary to India from the Baptist Missionary Society, set Krishna Pal's arm, and, along with Joshua Marshman, spoke to him about the Christian faith. Later, Krishna Pal confessed his Christian faith, and William Carey baptized him in the Ganges River on Sunday, December 28, 1800; Krishna Pal preached the Christian gospel for more than twenty years, authored several Christian hymns, and died in 1822.

Krishna Pal's conversion and baptism: "Short Account of the Conversion and Baptism of Kristno Paul" in The American Baptist Magazine, and Missionary Intelligencer. No. 2. New Series. Vol. 1. (March 1817)


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In India thousands of Docters treating patients...and surprisingly there are traditional doctors who set the Dislocations of arms and elbows took minor fees from the villagers.

from St.Thomas' s time Hindus are converting to Christianity.

I'll fix your arm, but first let's talk about Jesus....

and the die was cast

Maan these British/Christians always had hidden agenda. Too bad