Posted on: 15 February 2013

Watercolour painting on paper of Mandodari wife of Ravaṇa, seated on a cushioned plinth and looking to her left. She holds a flower in her right hand. She wears jewellery, garlands and lavish textiles. Two columns are shown behind Mandodari and in the far distance as line of trees. The painting is surrounded by a black border.

Painted in Patna (?)
Company School

Company School:
This term refers to a wide range of drawings and paintings created by South Asian artists that were commissioned by European patrons, or intended for a European market. The subject matter is frequently descriptive of the ‘Indian Scene’ and prepared in sets or albums. Works can be attributed to a variety of sub-styles dependent on the artists’ regional training. The works often incorporate stylistic traits from both the South Asian and European traditions prevalent and popular in the region in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Is Mandori the mother of Indrajeet?

Seems like a very uncomfortable looking chair for a rich women of her times. :)

this seems like a very mediocre painting, with a typo in the name, to boot. i don't think it refers to ravan's wife - there is zero visual reference to indicate she is the ramayana character...

I agree with Pankaj Sapkal She looks more like a Rajput Princess