Posted on: 14 February 2013

Maharajah Tikait Rai, minister of Oudh, d. 1801.

Portrait of man with a halo, wearing fine white robes and seated on a terrace in front of a low wall of arabesque panels.

Watercolour and gilt on paper

By permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

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Maharaja Tikait Rai Jang Bahadur

Tkait Rai was Minister to Nawab Asafuddaula. he was removed from his position due to machinations of East India company. Asafuddaula felt extremely humiliated and the incident affected his health and resulted in his early death. Tikait Rai's family served later nawabs of Oudh with distinction and loyalty. In 1857 they sided with Begum Hazara mahal and were penalised by the British for their loyalty to Nawab over-riding supposed overweaning power of the East India company.

Does NOT look a Rai er ... Hindu!