Posted on: 1 February 2013

View of the French settlement of Chandernagore (Bengal) - 28 October 1868

Watercolour painting of the French settlement of Chandernagore by Stanley Leighton (1837-1901) dated 28 October 1868. Inscribed on the mount in pencil is: 'French settlement of Chandernagore on the Hooghly. Wed. 28 Oct. 1868.'

The former French colony of Chandernagore is situated on the bank of the Hooghly River near Calcutta in north-eastern India. Chandernagore was one of a number of competing European enclaves in this area. It was founded in 1673 and gradually expanded to become a great commercial centre. Chandernagore was handed back to India after a referendum in 1950 but still retains the churches, cemeteries and convents of the French.

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Referendum in 1950 ... hmmm... didn't know this fact !

The French had a presence in India after the departure of the British.

As did the Portuguese.

The modes of entry and presence and departure were rather very different though.

Right side three storied building is still with its dignity .