Posted on: 9 January 2013

Radhanath Sikdar and Nain Singh commemorative stamps

(Source: Dan's Topical Stamps (Trigonometrical Survey))

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Finally, some soul searching in India happening to recognize the men of its own soil.

I wish our eminent scholars from Science & Technology field bring out more such names to public forum. We should stop thinking only Nehru and Gandhiji as founding fathers of this Great Nation. Behind the glory of this great nation there are thousands of such geniouses and their works and sacrifices.

when was this set of stamps released... is it still available? can anyone help with the info..?

Mr. Rajinder Arora, I think this was released sometime in 2004-05. All commerotive stamps can be bought at cost price from the philately wing of the Post Offices in every city. The GPO in New Delhi is a sure bet.

Pandit Nain Singh Rawat, extreme left, from Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand) was an important link of this survey and contributed a lot facing the difficult terrain and harshest weather conditions. Radhanath Sikdar and Nain Singh commemorative stamps