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Digital Rare Book:
Relations of Shah Abbas the Great, of Persia, with the Mogul Emperors, Akbar and Jahangir
By Clara Cary Edwards
Source: Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 35 (1915)

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Jahangir Entertains Shah Abbas from the St. Petersburg Album
ca. 1620; borders 1746-47

Mughal dynasty
Reign of Jahangir

Opaque water color, gold and ink on paper
H: 25.0 W: 18.3 cm

This painting represents the Jahangir's imaginary entertainment of the Persian ruler Shah Abbas. The opulence displayed by Jahangir in this scene symbolizes the Emperor's desire to overwhelm his opponent with his wealth and power. Unfortunately, Jahangir's ambitions were not realized as Shah Abbas captured Qandahar from the Mughals in 1622, a few years after the execution of this painting.

In 1739 Nadir Shah of Iran attacked the Mughal capital at Delhi, seizing many of the best Mughal paintings and manuscript illustrations. These were mounted into albums prepared and decorated by the leading Persian artists of the day and eventually formed the compilation known today as the St. Petersburg album.

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