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Robert Christopher TYTLER (25 September 1818 – 10 September 1872) was a British soldier, naturalist and photographer. His second wife HARRIET is well known for her work in documenting the monuments of Delhi and for her notes at the time of the 1857 revolt in India. A species of bird, Tytler's Leaf-warbler, is named after him.

His first wife, Isabella, died aged 21 in 1847. In the following year on Tytler married Harriet Christina Earle (3 October 1828 – 24 November 1907), daughter of an officer in the 3rd Bengal Native Infantry. She had an interest in photography, which she learnt from Dr John Murray and Felice Beato.[4] Today Tytler and his wife are remembered mostly for their photographic work. Together they produced about 300 photographs, some of which formed large panoramas.

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Harriet and Robert Tytler

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Captain Tytler, on his second visit to India, was posted as Superintendent of the Andamans in 1862, and he ruled over the islands for two years. During the period, he ensured that the highest peak in the Andamans was named after his wife and today Mount Harriet is in the world map perpetuating her name forever. --- from the earlier post of Bahadur Shah.

its new informayion& very iteresting..will read ,Sajay

Their son, born on The Ridge during the fighting, was given the names Stanley Delhi Force Tytler.

Tytler, however, was a miserable failure as administrator. It was during his time many attack took place on the Andamanese tribe.

@RBSI: Try to find Harriet's book 'An English Woman in India'.

Mount Harriet of Andaman .... highest peak in Andaman Island and it will be as the background while boarding the ship in Portblair.... One of the scenic beauty in Port Blair....