Posted on: 2 November 2012

Maharao Ram Singh II's marriage celebrations at Udaipur
Kota, probably 1851

© 2011 University of Oxford - Ashmolean Museum

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See for zoomable close-up views

Note the total lack of women :( Rajasthan is still like that. Thanks for the closeup view, Andrew, I loved the langur monkey on top of the palace and the little dog that ran away from the elephant, which I could only see in the closeup. And the parakeet and the drongo...small, beautiful touches that bring the natural wonders of Rajasthan into the painting. Humourous too, see the people running scared in front of the elephant :) :)

It is interesting that this painting doesnt seem to belong to the Mewar (Udaipur) style especially the architectural rendering. Maybe since Maharao Ram Singh II was from Kota, the artists may have come from there to Udaipur to record the marriage celebrations. Would be great if there were more paintings of this event :)


the colors