Posted on: 28 November 2011

Cape Comorin, Taken Near Calcad - 1804

Plate 1 from the fourth set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery,' which they called 'Twenty-four Landscapes.' The views progress northwards from the far south at Cape Comorin to Srinagar in Garhwal in the Himalaya mountains. 'This view...', the Daniells wrote, '... is taken in the vicinity of a small village called Calcad; it is a place of no account, but contains an Hindoo temple of considerable dimensions. Though the hills beyond that village are high, they seem almost levelled with the plain, when compared with the lofty mountain of the Cape, rising immediately behind them.' Cape Comorin is the southernmost point of India, and is actually some distance from the mountain of Mahendragiri, the last tremendous outcrop of the Western Ghats.

Source : British Library

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Cape Comorin , now is being Hinduised ,as Kanya kumari , the Southern-most tip of Tndia is at 8 Degree LATITUDE , North of EQUATOR , HKS DHILLON S.S. Retd , Survey Of India

geography correct or not this is definately a beautiful INdia

It would be nice to take a photo from this angle today...

Awesome view !!