Posted on: 26 August 2011

Book Collecting
By Allen and Patricia Ahearn

Book collectors start as readers. This may seem obvious but is important to keep in mind, for the majority of book collectors collect authors or subjects that they are currently reading or have read and enjoyed. In fact, perhaps "enjoyed" is really not descriptive enough. Collectors do not just enjoy these books; they feel an affinity with the author and admire the author as one of the best in the field. The author expresses the collector's thoughts and inchoate insights and expresses them in ways the collector would if he or she had the talent, or takes him or her to a time and place the collector is interested in or to a setting that removes the collector from his or her current world and cares.

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so the the most important thing is not to let the reader in us die.

We die when the reader in us dies...

A good book can change a man and, ultimately, a nation.