Posted on: 21 November 2010

The waterfall at Puppanassum in the Tinnevelly district - 1804

Plate 2 from the fourth set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery,' which they called 'Twenty-four Landscapes.' The views progress northwards from the far south at Cape Comorin to Srinagar in Garhwal in the Himalaya mountains. The Daniells were fascinated by the waterfall of Papanasam in the southern Tamil country and, approaching the pilgrims who were paying homage to the relief carvings on the rock, remarked, 'Nothing can be more grand and impressive than when...this extraordinary scene bursts upon the sight. It would be difficult for those who have never seen a vast river precipitated down a rocky steep of considerable elevation, to form an adequate idea of such a spectacle, accompanied by a noise so tremendous, that, comparatively, all other sounds are but whispers'.

Source : British Library

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Is this water fall still there? This is awesome!

I remeber visiting the falls in the early 70s. Its close to Tirupati, called "papa nasanam" meaning 'cleansing from sin'

Looks like the waterfall is smaller now for some of the photos I see. Nothing this immense.